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Geostorm 2017 3D 1080p BluRay x264-PSYCHD

Geostorm.2017.3D.1080p.BluRay.x264-PSYCHD Summary: When catastrophic climate change endangers Earth’s very survival, world governments unite and create the Dutch Boy Program: a world wide net of satellites, surrounding the planet, that are armed with geoengineering technologies...


Blade Runner 2049 2017 3D 1080p BluRay x264-PSYCHD

Blade.Runner.2049.2017.3D.1080p.BluRay.x264-PSYCHD Summary: Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society...


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 2017 3D 1080p BluRay x264-VETO

Valerian.and.the.City.of.a.Thousand.Planets.2017.3D.1080p.BluRay.x264-VETO Summary: In the 28th century, Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are a team of special operatives charged with maintaining order throughout the human territories. Under assignment from the Minister of Defense,...


Cars 3 2017 3D 1080p BluRay U&D DTS-Xen

Cars.3.2017.3D.1080p-Xen Summary: Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he’s still the best race car in the world. Director: Brian Fee Writers: Brian Fee (original story by), Ben...


Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 1080p 3D U&D BluRay DTS-Xen

Spider-Man.Homecoming.2017.1080p.3D.U&D.BluRay.DTS-Xen Summary: Peter Parker balances his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens with his superhero alter-ego Spider-Man, and finds himself on the trail of a new menace prowling the skies of...


War for the Planet of the Apes 2017 1080p U&D 3D BluRay DTS-Xen

War.for.the.Planet.of.the.Apes.2017.1080p.U&D.3D.BluRay.DTS-Xen Summary: After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. Director: Matt Reeves Writers: Mark Bomback, Matt Reeves Stars: Andy...


Resident Evil The Final Chapter 2016 1080p 3D BluRay Half-SBS x264 DTS-Xen

Resident.Evil.The.Final.Chapter.2016.1080p.3D.BluRay.Half-SBS.x264.DTS-Xen Summary: When a virus leaks from a top-secret facility, turning all resident researchers into ravenous zombies and their lab animals into mutated hounds from hell, the government sends in an elite military task...